Tracy moves to UVa

In January of 2017, Tracy will be moving to University of Virginia, where she has accepted a Research Associate position with the Department of Biology. She and her new research group will be working alongside the Deppmann lab to adapt advanced techniques available to mice for use in birds and to develop new techniques including, but not limited to, live imaging of cultured brain slices and mutagenesis and transgenesis of birds for more in-depth analyses of the proximate mechanisms of adult neurogenesis.

Tracy will be acquiring a brand new bird facility, surgery suite, and song recording studio. She and her research group will have access to state-of-the-art imaging facilities, a modern open floor plan wet lab, and superb group of diverse colleges.

Tracy’s husband, David Parichy, will also be joining the Unviersity of Virginia Biology Department in summer of 2017 as the Pratt-Ivy Foundation Distinguished Professor of Morphogenesis.