Category: White-Crowned Sparrow

Genes to Cell Lineage

How microRNAs regulate molecular networks to coordinate the multitude of processes of adult neurogenesis Modified BMC Genomics Abstract: The addition of adult-born neurons into functional circuits requires precise spatiotemporal coordination across molecular networks regulating a wide array of processes, including cell proliferation, apoptosis, neurotrophin… Continue Reading “Genes to Cell Lineage”

Ontogeny and Patterning

Dynamics between neuronal birth, addition, and survival as the song circuit grows to breeding state Gambel’s white-crowned sparrow is capable of adding more than 68,000 neurons to HVC within four days of transition to breeding conditions. Along with this addition in new neurons, these… Continue Reading “Ontogeny and Patterning”

Circuit Plasticity

Natural neuronal death prompts reactive adult neurogenesis Neuronal birth and death are tightly coordinated to establish and maintain properly functioning neural circuits. Disruption of the equilibrium between neuronal birth and death following brain injury or insult often induces reactive neurogenesis. We used a model… Continue Reading “Circuit Plasticity”

Organismal Behavior

How seemingly stereotyped song changes in a daily fashion The ability to learn and perform complex motor skills has been shown across species to depend on time of day. One such complex motor skill that has been shown to oscillate daily is song produced… Continue Reading “Organismal Behavior”